The quality of their product, their installation, and their clean up well exceeded our expectations! Floor Coverings International installed our entire upper level carpeting, moving furniture and weight equipment, in one day!! They come HIGHLY Recommended by us!!
Hilda Rives-Princell
The information provided, the service and their attention to details.
Very friendly and professional staff, greet products and selection and loved not having to go to a store by being able to sr what it would look like in my home.
Jodi Blume
I could see the product in my home.
Sue Cox
Excellent customer service. Respectable instillation crew.
Linda James
I am very happy with the quality of the work and with the customer service that I was given
Michelle Schueler
The product was the BEST and the service was totally AWESOME!!
Rachelle Bostic
Our floor has areas that are noticeably lower than others. They've been out to "Fix" them but are still the same. Then when they came out for the money we still weren't satisfied and they knew it but said to us that once the floor settles (it's been 2+weeks) then it should be better. I'm not sure why after we mentioned our dissatisfaction several times it kept being ignored. He said that if it still bothers us just give them a call and they will fix it. Why wasn't stating it in person not enough? Also during installation, no plastic was put up to stop all of the dust from going all over the house. Even though they demoed concrete, they tried to tell us that all of the dust was from ripping out the carpet. There were 3 doorways that should have been blocked. My mother in law and I had even asked them to put some up at least 3 times. Again we were ignored. It took 3 full days of cleaning EVERYTHING including our other carpets throughout the house to get the majority of the thick dust cleaned up. Dust on all of the furniture, carpets, knick knack, pictures, dishes, walls and toys on all levels of our house. It was a mess!! I'm still getting a ton more dust than when I had carpet. I'm sure it's in our duct work. I need to call to get them cleaned as well. Plus out in our garage where they cut the flooring is really dusty. I haven't gotten to clean that out yet. We were going to use your company for 3 other rooms in March but have decided to go else where. So I guess I've changed my mind about giving a 3, it should have been a 1.
Karen Beiswenger
Products are great, personnel are professional and prompt. Prices are competitive.
Al Adams
Very personal service. I like that they come to the house and bring samples so that I can see what it would look like against my furniture and surroundings.
Janet Murphy