refinish hardwood in fishersAlthough hardwood flooring adds an element of beauty to the home, it requires additional effort to keep well-maintained. Floor Coverings International Carmel provides hardwood refinishing and replacement for homeowners in Fishers and surrounding areas. Not sure if it’s time to give your floors some TLC? Here are three things we look for:

Fading or Dullness

One of the top signs you may need your floor replaced or restored is that your floor appears to be fading or just dull in general. If your floors just seem to be bereft of the natural sheen they once had, it is likely time to do something about it.

Water Damage

Another sign that your wood floors need to be replaced is there is water damage. Occurring in a variety of ways, water damage can be caused by everything from flooding to leaky or malfunctioning products within your home. Either way, wood that appears to be warped in some way and may have taken on a bumpier appearance over time likely has some water damage.

Dents and Scratches

Lastly, if your wood floors are marked up with an array of dents and scratches, it is likely time to refinish them. Dents and scratches can occur over time due to everyday wear and tear. It may take a while before your floor is damaged beyond repair. Therefore, if your floor only has a few scratches or dents, you may look into restoration and start taking better care of the floor moving forward. On the flip side, if the vast majority of your flooring is littered with scratches and dents, it is likely time to have the floor replaced altogether.

Overall, if you are considering having your floors refinished or replaced, schedule a free in-home consultation with one of the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Carmel. For Fishers homeowners, these tips should serve as a starting point to begin to assess whether one’s floors need to be totally replaced or not. Either way, if your hardwood floors are unsightly or have other issues with their appearance or functionality, it may be time to consult with the team at Floor Coverings International Carmel.

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