fishers tile floor cleaning

Tile flooring is as practical as it is stylish. That’s why many Fishers homeowners choose tile for their kitchens and bathrooms. At Floor Coverings International Carmel, our clients often ask us for advice on how to maintain their new custom tile floors. Here are five tips to keep your tile looking great.

1. Prevent mess before it happens.

Strategically placed floor mats can do wonders for cutting down on dirt and grime. Entryways experience some of the highest levels of foot traffic in our homes. As a result, tiles near doors experience the most wear and tear. A mat can help mitigate dirt and damage before it happens.

2. Sweep or vacuum your tile floors regularly.

Seeping and vacuuming is essential because it removes dirt and grit from your tile floors before it can damage them. Our shoes bring in tiny particles, like sand and rock, which can scratch and ding tile.

3. Mop your floors every week.

Regular mopping can keep your tiles looking shiny and new. One of the main advantages of tile over other flooring options is its water resistance, making it easy to deep clean without fear of water damage.

4. Dry your floors after you mop them.

When you’re done mopping, be sure to dry your tile. This is essential because damp floors collect more dirt and dust.

5. Quickly clean up spills.

The acid in various foods, such as soda or raw meat, can permanently stain tile flooring. Be sure to quickly mop up any spills before they cause damage.

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