Carmel homeowners put a lot of value on hardwood flooring that was “Made in America”. When you choose domestic hardwood, you know that you are getting high quality, sustainable, and affordable flooring for your home. At Floor Coverings International of Carmel, we work with Hoosier families to find their dream floors. Here is some information about three of our favorite domestic hardwoods: hickory, maple, and oak.

hickory carmel flooring hardwood

This kitchen features hickory floors as well as hickory cabinetry.


Hickory is the most rustic American hardwood. Prized for its dramatic coloration and strength, this hardwood is related to the pecan tree. Whereas many hardwoods will have minor color variation from board to board, Hickory has major shifts in color—from beige to deep brown—within the same board. This gives Hickory its distinctive appearance. It is also the reason why many Carmel families choose hickory in plank—strip Hickory can look busy.


maple hardwood flooring carmel

Birdseye Maple

This gorgeous hardwood comes in many different varieties depending on the level of “imperfection” you desire. Clear grade maple is the purest, with an almost-invisible grain and flat, subdued appearance. This is the type of maple used in many American basketball courts. For a more interesting maple floor, many choose birdseye maple. It has distinct markings that resemble bird’s eyes that occur when it is stressed for water or nutrients.


The most popular hardwood in America, oak takes the prize as the most “American” hardwood there is. In fact, almost 40% of the hardwood sold in the U.S.A. is oak. There are two types of oak: red and white. White oak is the most common, with colors ranging from beige to medium brown and subtle grain lines. Red oak looks more natural and authentic, with an amber hue and red undertones. Both are great options in terms of appearance, strength, sustainability, and affordability.

oak hardwood carmel flooring

White oak is right at home in modern aesthetics.

Find Your American Hardwood

For more information about these and any other hardwood, your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Carmel are here to help. With thousands of flooring options and free, in-home consultations, we are the most popular flooring provider in Carmel, Indiana.

Photos © Zerbor (maple), B Brown (hickory), & in4mal (oak)