how to maintain your hardwood floors carmel, inOnce you’ve installed new hardwood floors in your Carmel home, it’s time to learn how to make them last. Maintaining your wood floors is not as difficult as you may think, but it can take some time. The way you maintain your floors will partially be determined by how they were treated, which we will cover later on. Keep reading to learn how to properly maintain your wood flooring.

Basic Cleaning Tips

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) recommends cleaning your floors on a regular schedule. Dust, Swiffer, or sweep the floors daily. Vacuum the floors using the proper setting on your vacuum cleaner once a week. Clean the floors with a commercial or natural cleaning product once a month. Have a maintenance coat applied every few years, and have the floors sanded and refinished every 30 years. These recommendations are more guidelines and vary from home to home. Your maintenance routine should take into account how much wear and tear your floors receive. If you have children, pets, and heavy traffic in your home, you may need to clean more often. If your floors don’t experience much traffic, they can be cleaned less often.

The NWFA also advises applying felt pads to furniture placed on wood floors, wiping up spills with a damp cloth as soon as they occur, using throw rugs in entryways and in front of sinks, and avoiding wet or steam mops. When put simply, use rugs that don’t stain, keep your floors dry, clean regularly, and don’t walk on wood floors in high heels.

Untreated, Lacquered, Varnished, Waxed, Oiled, & Other Floor Finishes

When cleaning or treating your wood floors, you’ll want to first check the manufacturer’s recommendations and then go from there. If your floors have experienced some wear, try buffing to restore that new-floor shine, and only re-wax when necessary. Take care to thoroughly clean the floor first and never over-wax. Although it doesn’t offer quite as much protection as paste wax, liquid wax is easiest to apply. You may be tempted to use a one-step, water-based or acrylic wax, but don’t! One-step waxes can trap dust and dirt in your floor, and water-based or acrylic waxes can discolor the wood.

Surface-Sealed Floors

Surface seals, such as urethane, polyurethane, and acrylic are the easiest to maintain. They resist both stains and water damage. Don’t use wax or oils on these floors, as these products can make them dangerously slippery. Abrasive cleaning products can dull or even scratch wood floors, so stick to products recommended by the manufacturer. You can also use good old-fashioned soap and water.

If you’ve yet to choose your new wood floor, don’t be afraid to choose the one you love. If you follow a simple maintenance schedule, use products specifically designed for your floor, and keep some basic cleaning tips in mind, your hardwood flooring will last for years to come. Call Floor Coverings International of Carmel today to schedule your free in-home estimate.


Photo: © jocic