Whether you’re in the market for wall-to-wall carpeting or classic hardwood, any flooring option can look fresh and modern with the right design touch. Floor Coverings International Carmel has compiled our favorite modern twists on classic flooring.

Hardwood: Herringbone Hardwood Flooring

Trade out common straight hardwood planks with a herringbone pattern for your hardwood. Herringbone is a distinct style that has been making a comeback in modern homes. This intriguing pattern is dynamic and eye-catching, and provides an interesting twist on straight planks.

herringbone hardwood flooring

Carpeting: Gray Carpeting

Instead of traditional beige, opt for a cool, neutral gray carpeting. This carpet color provides a sleek and simple look that compliments any decor. For a bit of visual intrigue, choose a minimal pattern for your carpet. Sticking to muted monochromes will prevent the pattern from becoming overwhelming.

gray carpeting

Tile: Matte Tile Flooring

Almost all classic bathroom tile options are available in a matte finish. This trendy choice creates a rustic and unique look, and also has the added benefit of being less slippery than polished tile. For a minimalist approach, choose black or white tiles, and match the grout to the tile color.

mosaic tile backsplash

Vinyl: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is often considered an outdated flooring option, but luxury vinyl flooring is breaking free from that reputation. With photorealistic textures and patterns, luxury vinyl can expertly mimic hardwood and natural stone at a far lower price. It has the added benefit of being water-resistant and comfortable, too. Long-gone are the days where vinyl was a lower-end option.

luxury vinyl flooring

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