damaged hardwood floor CarmelMost of the time, we can pretty much ignore the hardwood floors in our Carmel homes because they’re so good at standing up to daily traffic and wear. A little sweep here, a little mop there, and those hardwood planks look beautiful year after year.

However, the experts at Floor Coverings International Carmel are here to remind all you hardwood-loving Hoosiers that there are a few hazards you should keep in mind if you really want to extend the life of your floors – and at least one of them will probably surprise you.

Petspets dogs hardwood flooring Carmel

One of the main things to avoid when it comes to hardwood floors is abrasion. It’s important to sweep and dust mop regularly because sand and dirt will slowly wear down the finish on your floors. However, some of the most abrasive things a floor can come in contact with are our beloved pets! Cat and dog claws, in particular, will scratch and deform hardwood faster than almost anything else.

What can you do about it? For one thing, choose a tough species of hardwood with a high Janka rating for your floors, such as Brazilian cherry or hickory, since they can withstand exceptional amounts of wear. We also recommend keeping Fido’s claws trimmed down to a reasonable length.

Improper Cleaningcleaning hardwood floors Carmel

This might be the most important item on this list since most people don’t know proper cleaning methods for hardwood. Here’s the main thing to remember: never ever let water sit on your hardwood floors. Don’t use a big sloppy bucket or mop to clean. Don’t wait until later to clean up that spill.

The best way to clean hardwood (when sweeping won’t cut it) is to use a spray bottle and a microfiber mop. Spray lightly on the floor as you mop in order to prevent excess water from staining the surface or seeping in between the planks where it can damage the subfloor.

Too Much Sun

Kind of odd, but UV radiation can damage the finish of your floors and lead to buckling, warping, or cracks. What can you do about it? Close your curtains during the day when you’re gone in order to keep the sun from baking your floors. Or, if you really like leaving the blinds open, put down area rugs in places where the sun shines on the floor most intensely.

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