hand scraped hardwood floor CarmelMost of us love hardwood floors for two big reasons: they can stand up to demanding everyday use, and they communicate an atmosphere of warmth and luxury to our homes. And since hardwood is so versatile and tough, it makes sense that we see it everywhere – homes, shops, cafés – even a trendy downtown office might have a shiny new oak floor. But from a design standpoint, hardwood’s popularity offers something of a challenge: how can you embrace hardwood from a creative angle?

Don’t worry! The design experts at Floor Coverings International Carmel are always here to help resolve your design dilemmas. One hardwood option that most Carmel homeowners aren’t aware of is hand scraping. This simple modification to the finish of your hardwood floor can add a heightened level of distinction, warmth, and texture. Read on to find out why this trend is gaining momentum among Carmel homeowners.

What Is Hand Scraped Hardwood?

draw knife on wood board with shavings Carmel

Hand scraped hardwood is a type of artisanal wood flooring that has been scraped by a drawknife in order to create handmade textural variations. The effect is a kind of mottled or grooved pattern that catches light and shows the craftsman’s time and skill.

This technique was originally a necessity for hardwood flooring. In order to prepare the planks for use, woodworkers would need to scrape each surface until it was level. Workers would do the scraping with a drawknife (imagine the handles of a bicycle, but between each handle is a long steel blade with the edge facing down), and since it’s a time-consuming process, hand scraped wood was (and still is) considered a luxury item.

Is Hand Scraped The Same As “Distressed”?

Not exactly. Distressed wood is similar since it also involves a process of applying small, textural details to a floor, but those details are a product of a machine’s work, rather than the attentive labor of a craftsman. Thus, the look of distressed wood tends to be more uniform, while hand scraped wood feels a bit more personalized and unique.

What Else Should I Know About Hand-Scraping?

  • Very effective at hiding scrapes, scratches, and dents
  • Great for homes with children and/or pets
  • Adds sophistication and texture to any room
  • Same look can be achieved affordably with engineered wood or luxury vinyl

Hand scraping is also something to consider if you’re looking to refinish your floors, but they have historic or personal value that makes you hesitant to replace them. Choose hand scraped wood for a more robust, rustic look. The natural variations in pattern and texture create a refined, natural atmosphere.

Still Curious?

Ready to begin your home’s transformation? We can help. Get in touch with the experts at Floor Coverings International Carmel to schedule a free, in-home consultation with our mobile showroom. We’re proud to serve the greater Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, McCordsville, Westfield area, and we’ll help you throughout the entire process, from concept to creation.

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