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Laminate flooring is a plank-style flooring material that simulates the appearance of natural wood.

Because they are made using an efficient manufacturing process, laminate flooring is also an eco-friendly material.

The best part?

Laminate can be styled to match almost any natural wood product without compromising hardness. That means you get the same durability no matter what style you choose for your home or office.

How to Choose Your Lamiante Flooring

The best part about shopping for new laminate the variety. You can find any type of wood grain style and even some stone.

As you look for the right style for your home or business, there are two main styles to consider: plastic laminate and engineered wood.

Here’s the difference.

Engineered wood is made from thin strips of real wood that are pressed together to form boards and plank. The outside layer is a thin piece of finished hardwood, coated with acrylic. This is the most natural looking laminate installation.

As the name suggests, plastic laminate flooring doesn’t use actual real wood. These plastic boards are a more scratch-resistant but less realistic-looking flooring option.

Maintaining Laminate Flooring

Laminate may look like a wood or stone floor, but you will need to clean it differently.

Here are some cleaning supplies that you can use without damaging your finish:

  1. Store-bought laminate cleaners
  2. Vacuum with a brush attachment
  3. Sponge mop
  4. Water (light amounts)
  5. Homemade or store-bought laminate floor cleaner

Want to make your cleaning solution?

Mix vinegar with an equal amount of water to make your own, spot-free laminate flooring cleaner.

In addition to using specific cleaning products, you should also consider replacing any plastic furniture pads with rubber tips. This will reduce the chance of permanent scratches in your floors.

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