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Tile and stone flooring can be styled in endless combinations of size, texture, and color. This means you have lots of options to get creative with your design.

The best part?

Because tile flooring is also durable and easy to care for, it is a great design choice for high-traffic spaces or in areas where there’s moisture or dirt, such as bathrooms or entryways.

About Our Selection of Tile Flooring

Tile flooring includes a wide range of products that work best in different environments.

Check out how you can use each type of natural stone or tile in the list below.

Porcelain. Porcelain tiles are a dense and durable type of ceramic tile. Because it wears well, this material is ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens or living spaces.

Ceramic. Ceramic tiles are bright and decorative with a glass-like finish. Ceramic is a bit “lower grade” than porcelain, but it maintains the durability and color advantages.

Glass. Glass can be styled into unique shapes and designs for a more custom look. Note — you should not use glass for shower floors.

Natural Stone. Tiles made of stone highlight the beauty of natural materials. For areas with a lot of moisture, natural stone can be sealed to be water resistant.

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What are Tile Hardness Ratings?

Each type of tile has a different hardness rating that indicates the durability of the material used. They are rated from class one through five:

Class 1. This tile is too fragile for floors and should only be used decoratively.

Class 2. Still not the best for floors, this class can be used in spaces with minimal foot traffic.

Class 3. This class of tile can be used for residential floors.

Class 4. Another residential-level tile rating. These tiles can also handle the foot traffic of some commercial settings.

Class 5. The most durable tiles. This rating is useful in any home or business application.

Not sure what you need?

Your designated Design Associate will help you determine how hard your tile should be based on your lifestyle needs.

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