fishers carpet flooringCarpets have been around for a while, but until the 1950s, wall-to-wall carpeting was reserved for the wealthy. After World War II, advancements in manufacturing and the discovery of petroleum-based carpeting materials, such as nylon and olefin, made carpeting a staple of American homes.

When considering their flooring options, many of our customers choose cut pile carpeting. Here is more information about what makes this type of carpet unique and popular with Fishers homeowners from your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Carmel.

How It’s Made

There are two main types of carpeting: loop and cut pile. To understand their differences, it helps to know a little bit about the carpet manufacturing process. Carpets are made by weaving yarn through a backing material. The continuous strands of yarn form loops. Loop carpeting is made with the loops intact. When the loops are cut to create strands, you have cut pile carpeting.

Subtypes of Cut Pile

Although all cut pile carpets feature trimmed loops, there is a lot of variety within this carpeting family. Here are some of the most common subtypes of cut pile carpet:

  • Plush carpets are dense and uniform in appearance. They are one of the most common types of carpet available and probably what you picture when you think of the ultimate soft carpet flooring.
  • Saxony is very similar to plush, but each strand is twisted and heated to make it stand upright.
  • Frieze (pronounced “freeze”) features tightly twisted strands that fall curl over onto each other. Whereas Saxony fibers are twisted around three times, Frieze carpets are often twisted upwards of ten times. This results in a durable carpet that is great at hiding dirt, footprints, and vacuum tracks.

Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets are more durable than cut pile, making them ideal for commercial spaces and parts of the home with high foot traffic. Cut pile carpeting, on the other hand, is softer underfoot. It is warm, comfortable, and ideal for many Fishers homes.

Learn from the Experts

At Floor Coverings International of Carmel, we carry thousands of flooring options. Our mobile design studio differentiates us for the competition. Simply make an appointment with one of our flooring specialists and compare samples from the comfort of your home. Call today for your free consultation!

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