Frieze carpet Fishers, INCarpet flooring has remained a favorite for decades. Its comfort, warmth, and style are hard to beat. Between fiber material, color, pattern, and pile construction, there are numerous varieties of carpet flooring available on the market. One of the most popular styles today is frieze. Although the name may be unfamiliar, you’d probably recognize the flooring if you saw it. It’s commonly found in homes across the Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, McCordsville, Westfield area because of its versatility, style variety, and durability.

History of Frieze

Before frieze’s debut, shag was the carpet of choice in many Fishers homes. The two styles aren’t the same, but they do have some similarities. Frieze is sometimes called the new and improved shag carpet. However, shag is more of a luxury carpet style, whereas frieze has more practical qualities. Both types have long, twisted fibers, which contribute to them getting mixed up with each other. Shag’s fibers are noticeably longer than those of frieze, which is what gives shag its iconic soft look and feel. Frieze’s fibers are more tightly twisted, causing them to curl over at the top.

Pros of Frieze

Durability: Frieze is known for its durability. The tight twists of the fibers allow it to hold up well in high traffic areas and against daily wear and tear.

Low Maintenance: One of its most appealing qualities is its low maintenance. The curling of the fibers allows frieze to conceal dirt in the carpet. However, regular vacuuming is recommended, which is generally all frieze requires to maintain a healthy condition.

Trackless Carpet Style: Frieze is a trackless style, which means it doesn’t easily show footprints or vacuum tracks like other carpets do.

Warm & Soft Feel: Like its cousin shag carpet, frieze is soft and warm underfoot. This makes it ideal for bedrooms and other areas of the home where comfort is a high priority.

Cons of Frieze

Simple Patterns: If you like carpets with intricate cuts and patterns, frieze isn’t for you. Because of its thick pile, it doesn’t come in complex patterns.

Effected by Heavy Furniture: Although frieze springs back from the weight of people and light furniture, heavy furniture can permanently crush and dull the tightly twisted fibers.

Casual Appearance: In some instances, frieze can add certain elegance to the room. However, it’s generally more of a casual style and tends to not blend in well in fancier settings.

If you’re looking for a good all-around carpet style for your Fishers home, consider frieze. As demonstrated above, it’s a versatile style with many great benefits! Call Floor Coverings International of Carmel today to schedule a free design consultation. We’ll help you find the best flooring material for your home and lifestyle.


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Photo Credit: Mikhail Klyoshev