carmel stair carpetingIf you’re looking to add something to your home’s interior but you aren’t ready to commit to a lengthy and in-depth renovation project, there are some options available to you. Many small-scale projects can have big impacts on a space. One such project is installing stair carpeting. Also known as a stair runner, stair carpeting brings many positive benefits to your interior. Here we’ll explore those benefits so you can decide if stair carpeting is right for your Carmel home.

Safety Features

One great feature stair carpeting brings to a home is added safety. If your stairs are covered in more solid materials, such as hardwood or tile, the slippery surface can be more likely to cause someone to slip and fall, whereas carpet can provide more traction. In the event of a fall, these solid materials will also cause much more severe an injury, unlike carpet, which will do more to cushion the body. These safety features are especially beneficial in homes with small children or elderly residents, as they are more prone to serious injuries.

Sound Absorption

Another positive benefit of carpeting, one that is often overlooked or forgotten, is the noise dampening quality it has. The sound of feet stomping up and down the stairs every day can be grating. It’s amplified by the more solid materials (hardwood and tile), from which the noise bounces off and echoes around the room. On the other hand, carpet will contain the sound and absorb it into its soft fibers. The overall noise dampening qualities of carpet, even on the stairs, will do more to contribute to a quieter home environment.

Aesthetic Element

Not only does stair carpeting provide practical benefits, it can also add a really nice aesthetic element to your interior. Just like regular carpet, stair runners are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, textures, and patterns. The many options make it easy to find something that fits almost anyone’s personal taste. Stair carpeting can be a fun accent among simple décor to make your stairs pop, or it can be a simple element added to match the rest of the room. It’s completely up to you and what you’re looking for in your design.

Call the Experts

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