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Looking for a dark, distinctive hardwood to add elegance to your home? Your Fishers, Indiana, flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Carmel suggest you consider Mahogany.

Where does Mahogany come from?

Mahogany refers to hardwood from trees in the Swietenia genus of the pan tropical Meliaceae family. These trees are indigenous to the Americas, found from Florida to Brazil. Its uniform texture and fine grains make this wood very popular for boats.

The most common type of mahogany produced prior to the Second World War was Swietenia mahagoni, or West-Indian Mahogany, found in Florida and many Caribean Islands. If you live in a home built prior to the 1940s, this was the likely source of your Mahogany floors. It was around that time that it became very difficult to find due to overharvest.

West-Indian Mahogany was replaced with Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), native to Mexico and South America. This is the most common type of Mahogany commercially available today, however, it is primarily grown in Southern Asia.

Why Mahogany?

There are numerous reasons to choose Mahogany for your Hoosier home:

  • This reddish hardwood is truly beautiful. It will instill a sense of tradition and luxury to any space.
  • It is relatively affordable compared to other exotic, tropical hardwoods.
  • Mahogany is among the most durable hardwoods available. With proper maintenance, it will easily last a lifetime.
  • It absorbs sunlight without fading, making it ideal for sunny spaces like porches and foyers.
  • Mahongany possesses chatoyancy, which is an optical illusion that causes dramatic shifts in the Mahogany’s color depending on the viewing angle. This unique characteristic leaves a unique, lasting impression.

Interested in learning more about this tropical hardwood? At Floor Coverings International of Carmel, we will work tirelessly to find Fisher residents their perfect floors. With our mobile showroom, they can sample any type of flooring in the comfort of their home. Call us to schedule an in-home visit with one of our flooring experts today.

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