Solid hardwood floors CarmelWhen deciding on new hardwood flooring for your Carmel home, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of decisions you have to make. One of these decisions is whether to go with solid or engineered hardwood floors. Not to worry! We are here to help you through the decision process. Both types of hardwood are made from real wood, and both will raise the resale value of your home. The main difference between the two lies in how each is constructed and what that construction means for installation and upkeep. Here we’ll focus mainly on solid hardwood flooring.

What’s the Difference?

Solid hardwood is exactly what it sounds like. It means the wood planks are made of a single, solid piece of wood. Engineered hardwood is made of multiple layers of wood that are fused together under high heat and pressure. Because of its timeless beauty, solid hardwood is probably what you’re picturing when you imagine classic hardwood floors. Although cost depends on a number of things, solid hardwood generally tends to be more expensive than engineered varieties.


One of the most appealing characteristics of solid hardwood flooring is it comes in a number of different wood species. Each species of wood has different color tone and grain properties that influence the overall aesthetic of the flooring. You can also choose from many finishing options that add color or other visual features, such as a glazed and glossy look to the wood.

Strength & Durability

Solid hardwood is very durable and will stand up well against everyday wear and tear for many years in your Carmel home. Since it’s constructed from a single piece of wood, it can be sanded down and refinished multiple times without losing its structural integrity. This makes solid hardwood easier to repair than engineered wood in the event of damage. However, solid wood floors cannot be installed on floors below ground level, such as basements, because they react to changes in humidity. If exposed to moisture or significant fluctuations in temperature, the planks tend to buckle and warp.

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Photo Credit: Zastolskiy Victor