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Hardwood has long been one of the most popular flooring options for Hoosiers due to its durability and aesthetics. Adding subtle warmth to any room, hardwood might seem like the perfect flooring material, but it does have one flaw: it tends to warp and buckle in moisture-rich environments. For that reason, many of our Zionsville customers choose laminate for their kitchens and bathrooms.

What is Laminate Flooring?

The Swedish invented laminate flooring in the 1970s. It has surged in popularity due to its ability to emulate any variety of hardwood with added water resistance and affordability. A laminate floorboard has many layers. The bottom layer consists of sturdy particleboard, to give your floors strength. Next, a vinyl sheet featuring a printed design—this can be any type of hardwood or even stone—is adhered to the top. A final transparent vinyl layer is added last to protect the design from wear.


Style. You can find laminate that emulates every conceivable species of hardwood, grain, color pallet, and finish. High quality laminate appears more “random” due to more variations from plank to plank.

Water resistance. Laminate flooring is well suited for bathrooms. Although it is always wise to avoid standing water on any type of flooring, laminate is more resistant to water damage than hardwood.

Durability. Laminate has a harder surface than hardwood, making it stronger against dings and scratches. For pet owners worried about their furry friends doing damage their new floors, we carry high-quality, pet-safe laminate options.

Affordability. Your new laminate floors will cost less than hardwood due to lower material and installation costs.


Longevity. Although the surface of laminate is often stronger than comparable hardwood, you cannot rehabilitate worn laminate. Solid hardwood floors can be refinished up to 10 times whereas laminate simply needs to be replaced when damaged.

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