carmel luxury vinyl There are few flooring materials more impressive than luxury vinyl. Easily maintained, durable, and imitative of other materials, you really have to look to find the downsides of this versatile floor material!

Floor Coverings International of Carmel is proud to provide Carmel homeowners and businesses with all kinds of flooring to suit a variety of needs. However, there’s something quite special about luxury vinyl and its expert chameleon powers of meeting just about any flooring need out there.

Durable and Dependable

Luxury vinyl is deliberately engineered for its famous toughness. From the top down, luxury vinyl features a protective polyurethane coating, a strong wear layer, a print film layer for imitative purposes, the vinyl core, and tile backing at the bottom. With so many distinct and purposeful levels to a luxury vinyl plank, it is one tough cookie. Boasting a resistance to water and other liquids, luxury vinyl drastically reduces concerns about mold development and various types of moisture damage.

For that matter, the wear layer makes waxing unnecessary for the maintenance of a powerful shine to your flooring. Mopping and sweeping are the basic tactics homeowners can employ to keep their luxury vinyl looking vital.

carmel luxury vinyl


Luxury vinyl can be engineered to resemble just about any flooring material. It can be crafted to impersonate stone, ceramic, hardwood, and many others for a more affordable lookalike that can only be discerned with close inspection. The print layer makes luxury vinyl a simple and straightforward option for flooring an entire home with as diverse an aesthetic as you like. Ceramic look for the bathroom, hardwood look for the bedroom!

Maintenance will remain the same across different luxury vinyl floors, making home floor care much simpler than maintaining legitimately different flooring materials throughout a home. Luxury vinyl is also a slip-resistant alternative to some of the dangers presented by wet hardwood or certain stone flooring. One thing luxury vinyl cannot copy is carpet. For the fibrous comfort of warm carpet flooring, there is no substitute for the real thing.

Investigate Your Options

Luxury vinyl is durable, requires less upkeep than other flooring, closely imitates other materials – and all this at what is typically a lower price! Contact us today by calling the number below or schedule a free in-home design consultation. Floor Coverings International of Carmel is excited to walk homeowners through the world of flooring and provide the expert service you need for just the right floor coverings! We proudly serve Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, McCordsville, Westfield, and surrounding areas.

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